What you need to know about Visitax

Visitax is one of the new formalities to be completed by all travellers over the age of 4 before entering Mexico. Introduced by the state of Quintana Roo last April, this new tourist tax is done online and is mandatory for anyone wishing to visit Mexico. Here is more information about Visitax in this article.

What is Visitax?

Visitax is a tourist tax. It is a form that all foreign travellers over the age of 4 must complete in order to obtain a receipt. Visitax CAncun is done online and is valid for any traveller who wishes to visit Quintana Roo.

How do I get my Visitax receipt quickly?

To obtain your Visitax receipt quickly, you must follow three steps: filling in the form, paying by credit card and obtaining the QR code.

Filling out the form is done online. To do so, you must fill in certain fields such as: your name, your passport number, your age and your e-mail.

To make the payment, you can do it either via your Visa, MasterCard, Discover. If you don't have these cards, you can pay via PayPal. Make sure you choose a secure payment method.

Finally, a unique QR code will be sent to you via your e-mail address to confirm that you have paid. You can then print the payment receipt and present it before boarding the plane.

Who is Visitax for?

The new Visitax must be paid by foreigners who wish to travel to Quintana Roo, by adults and children over 4 years old. Visitax is also intended for transit and commercial travellers. Even if you wish to travel to Quintana Roo for health care or education, you must pay these fees.

Is it compulsory to carry the receipt of payment with you?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes. Although the receipt is sent to you via e-mail, you must print it out and add it to your other travel documents. You must present it when requested.