What is EPC in affiliate marketing ?

If you are looking for a way to increase your income without spending too much money, affiliate marketing is a good solution for you. Find out here, what you need to know about EPC in affiliate marketing.

What should I know about PPC in affiliate marketing ?

 Usually called pay-per-click, EPC stands for earnings per click. It means earning money by receiving a commission rate for each click made through your affiliate link. So an affiliate needs to know how much they are earning per click in order to set up a marketing campaign. For a closer look, look what i found here. However, the EPC formula doesn't just rely on a click to offer a payout. It analyzes the number of clicks on average before owning to payout. Therefore, websites and affiliate marketing programs use the EPC technique quite often.
Moreover, with the EPC technique, it is not just a matter of clicking on links to get earnings. Affiliate marketing requires a certain amount of analysis of the operations performed. The goal is that by clicking on the affiliate link on the site, the customer will make a purchase. Thus, you will be entitled to a commission.

How do I get the EPC ?

 The rule to get your EPC is very simple. All you have to do is add up your total commissions divided by the number of clicks you get from your affiliate link. For example, if you make $400 from the link you clicked 20 times, then to find your EPC, you do $400/20. Your EPC is therefore 20. 
In addition, there is also another acronym in affiliate marketing, outside of EPC but just as important. This is CPC which stands for cost per click. This is the way an advertiser pays for an advertisement to be displayed each time a user clicks on it.