What are the best handpans out there today?

The handpan is a musical instrument of Swiss origin first manufactured in 2000. In the meantime, the handpan was rare and players had to wait a year before buying one. But today, it is available everywhere in music stores, from manufacturers and on websites. This article tells you about the best handpans.

The Vast G Pygmy handpan

The Vast G Pygmy handpan is the most famous model currently. It is a large handpan that measures 17 cm in height and 57 cm in diameter. It weighs 4.9 kg. This handpan is made of steel and the warranty is 03 years. It was designed in Russia but if you want to buy a handpan in Finland, go to a general sales site. The Vast G Pygmy handpan is suitable for beginners and experienced players. It has several tones that allow you to play beautiful and diverse melodies. This instrument respects the value for money.

The RAV D Celtic Minor 2 handpan

This model is the second best handpan that appears in the best handpans comparison. It is loved by players because it is the only one with 04 to 09 tones. The RAV D Celtic Minor 2 handpan has 09 chords. The combination of its tones and chords can produce incredible sounds that could mesmerize you. Just like the Vast G Pygmy handpan, this model made in Russia is 17 cm high, 57 cm in diameter and weighs 4.9 cm. Its autonomy is at least 03 years. Its price is affordable and it can be used by beginners.

The Vast RAV B/H Kurd Double Ding 2 handpan

This model is loved by intermediates and experienced players because it produces amazing sounds. It is the perfect handpan if you want to try and create new melodies. Created in Russia like the others, it is made of steel, measures 18 cm in height, 52 cm in diameter and weighs 5.9 kg. It is suitable for people with a certain level of handpan skills. Beginners will have difficulties using it properly.