Top 5 deadliest wars in the world

The Oxford Dictionary describes the act of war as "a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country. In an attempt to prove our dominance over others, we often start deadly wars, but the results are never worth the destruction caused. In this article, we will list the 5 bloodiest wars in world history. The following list is based on the maximum number of deaths in a war.

Here are the 5 bloodiest wars in the history of the world:

1. World War II:

Fought from 1939 to 1945, World War II was the deadliest conflict in history, with over 70 million deaths. Involving all the major powers of the world, divided into Allied and Axis powers, it is the only war to have used nuclear weapons to date. Marked by Hitler's holocaust and the mass deaths, World War II changed world politics forever. A U.S. Navy battleship during the Japanese surprise air attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet on December 7, 1941. Visit the site to learn more.

2. Mongol Conquests:

The Mongol conquests in Europe are one of the most hostile in history. Beginning in the early 13th century, the Mongols seized nearly 20% of the world's land, with the empire stretching across Asia and Eastern Europe. Between 60 and 70 million people died as a result of these conquests. According to a legend about the bloody history of the Mongol army, it is estimated that about 1,00,000 Chinese committed mass suicide to avoid being killed by the Mongols.

3. World War I:

The first of only two world wars in history, it is also called the Great War. The First World War took place from 1914 to 1918 and cost the lives of 17 million people. It resulted in the victory of Great Britain, France and Russia over Germany, Italy, Austria and Hungary.

4. The Manchu conquest of China:

The Qing Dynasty's conquest of the Ming Dynasty lasted more than 60 years in the 17th century. China lost about 25 million lives, and the Qing Dynasty remained in power until the early 1900s, when the Republic of China was formed. Battle of Ningyuan, where Nurhaci was wounded in defeat.

5. Napoleonic Wars:

The Napoleonic Wars, sparked by the French Revolution of 1789, were a series of wars declared against Napoleon's French empire by opposing forces in Europe. France quickly became a great power through Napoleon's conquest of most of Europe.