Things to know before adopting a kitten ?

Like everyone else, you too want to adopt a kitten. But are you sure you know everything you need to know before adopting a kitten? We believe that this guide will be very useful for you

  Where can I find a kitten to adopt?

The first solution is to ask people in your area. However, you can hop over to here. Tell your friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers about your desire to adopt a kitten. Some of them may have kittens available for adoption. You can also visit an animal shelter near you. There you can find adult cats for adoption and kittens looking for homes. Finally, you can do your research on the Internet and on private exchange and sales sites. Finally, don't hesitate to contact your local veterinarian's office. They will inform you of the current births and tell you about the kitten's first days in your home. 

When is the best time for you to adopt a kitten?

    Your best chance is in the spring, when most kittens are born. When it's light out in late February, cats often "play". The long days are good for breeding cats. Since the gestation period is two months, you have a better chance of finding a replacement cat in early spring.

  At what age should a kitten be weaned?

It takes two months after birth for a kitten to be weaned. These two months are very important for the proper development of a young cat. During this period, the mother will teach the kitten the basic rules (hygiene, grooming, etc.) that will help it adapt easily to your home. At the age of two months, the kitten can join its new family. However, you must be patient with your kitten and give it time and attention. Make time for play, social activities and socialization. If possible, take a few days off work so that you don't leave your kitten alone for too long in the early days. If you can, take two kittens from the same litter. They will adapt much better to their new environment and will be less bothered by your absence.