Netlinking strategies

In order to get backlinks, it is very important to have a good netlinking strategy. Before or during any campaign, you must set up a precise strategy and follow it to the letter to obtain good results. In this article, we present some of them to you. So pay attention throughout its reading in order to get the most out of it.


This is a very effective technique in SEO. It involves partnering with other sites dealing with similar topics to yours. You will write articles that will be published on their sites and they too in return will be able to publish their content on your site on an ongoing basis. With this system, you will not only have link exchanges but also a certain amount of visitor sharing on your different websites. Please continue reading on our website It is important to point out that the success of this technique relies on your ability to partner with quality and referral websites.

Link baiting

This is the least expensive strategy of all. It consists of producing good quality content. By producing good quality content, you will attract the interest of reputable sites that will recommend you to their communities. However, producing good quality content is not enough. You will also need to promote your site through social networks and if your articles are good, they will attract inbound links. So remember that this method is based on two main factors. One is the quality of your content and the other is the promotion of your site. When these two elements are combined, the result is still interesting.

The positioning on competitors' backlinks

This strategy initially consists of analyzing the recommendations of your competitors using suitable software. After finding the sites that mention them regularly, you will only have to contact the owners of the sites to negotiate recommendations and present your site.