How to install a bathroom mirror

Among the essential elements of a bathroom, there is the mirror. Both decorative and of paramount importance, it allows you to personalize this room that has become essential in the house. Indeed, the choice of the mirror can be guided by different criteria such as the style of decoration, the size of the room, the lighting. And once the model is chosen, you need to know how to install this beautiful object above the sink. We offer you some tips on how to properly fix the mirror in your bathroom.


What are the techniques to properly fix your bathroom mirror?

Once you have chosen the right mirror throw for you, you need to think about the mounting system. This is because it is essential that the mirror cannot move or fall off once installed on your wall. discover here tips on how to properly install your mirror. You should know that the problem of mounting does not arise if you opt for a free-standing mirror. But this type of model is often used as an auxiliary mirror, for makeup for example with a magnifying glass effect or integrated LED lighting. For all wall mirrors, the hanging system must take into account various factors such as the weight of the mirror, its shape, its size. But also you have to take into account the nature of the wall on which it will be fixed as well as your preferences: if you want to drill the wall or not. Keeping a wall intact and without holes may be preferable if you are not really a handyman, if you do not have the equipment or if you are renting for example. On the other hand, you should know that there are several alternatives to fix your bathroom mirror without damaging the wall. If your mirror is small and light.

The solution of double-sided tape is ideal to avoid drilling your wall.

Scrupulously check the weight of your mirror and the compatibility of this system with the chosen mirror, then apply your adhesive all along the mirror. Regarding heavier mirrors, there are bonding products such as silicone or sealant. Simply clean the two surfaces to be glued (the back of the mirror and the wall), and apply the glue to the back of the mirror using a glue gun. Position the mirror on the marks previously made and hold it for the time indicated. For DIY enthusiasts, the screw attachment system is easy and secure. You'll find sets of hooks with attractive metal finishes that can support up to 50 pounds.