How to become a private cab driver ?

To run errands or to get from one place to another, you can hire the services of a private cab driver. The driver will set a rate for you and if you are satisfied, you will sign a contract. The private cab driver also does not have the same mission as a simple cab driver. To become one, you must have certain qualities, skills and undergo training.

Professional qualities and skills required

To become a private cab driver you must develop certain qualities. You must be punctual, honest, rigorous and passionate about your job. In addition to these qualities, you must also have professional skills.
You must have a certificate of physical adaptation. The latter must be issued by the prefect. You can go to the blog link for more explanations. Being a private cab driver without a driver's license is hilarious. That's why you need to have a three year old B driver's license. 
Then you must pass a private cab driver's exam. If you have 10 years of experience in passenger transportation, you can become a private cab driver.

Training and procedures to follow

To officially become a private cab driver, you must pass a competitive examination. This exam lasts more than 180 minutes. During this exam, you will have to compensate in seven different subjects. Business development, road safety, transport regulations... are some of the tests you will face. When you pass this exam, you must now provide certain administrative documents. 
The professional card must be provided. It is delivered by the prefecture after 3 months maximum. This card will allow you to create your company and to be in a legal activity. When you obtain your professional card, you must then create your company. You must obtain a siret number and then register with the trade directory. 
Finally, you must register with the cab drivers' register. The application is made online.