High quality moonstone jewellery

Also known as Selenite and Adularia, moonstone owes its name to its resemblance to the moon. It glows brightly in the midst of darkness. Moonstone is used by the most experienced jewellers to make the most fabulous jewellery. We give you the lowdown on moonstone jewellery.


This neutral coloured mineral is perfect to wear in your hands in the form of a ring. It is suitable for all types of fingers, the oval or elongated shape. It is an excellent jewel to enhance your fingers. If your hands are thin, round or less elongated, they will fit you like a glove. Discover our fantastic selection of moonstone jewellery here, learn this here now.


Many women prefer to wear this stone close to the heart. They then opt for a pendant that enhances their necklines. Depending on how casual or dressy you want to be, the moonstone will make you look gorgeous.


From the more discreet to the more showy or larger, they look great if they know how to be combined. If you wear a discreet necklace, it will be ideal to stand out with the imposing earrings. On the other hand, if your necklace is more spectacular and attracts all eyes, it is advisable to opt for simple and discreet earrings.


It is advisable to combine several small bracelets to create the perfect style. So opt for beautiful bracelets to magnify your arm. For winter looks, we suggest larger bracelets, which you wear on the sleeve of a solid-coloured jumper. The light tone of this precious rainbow stone makes it suitable for any occasion.


A bright glow on your face is exactly what this gem will bring. It will thus make your facial expression radiate. Moonstone earrings are the must-have accessory you need to make you look great. All is said and done.