Description of some types of dinosaurs

There are many types of dinosaurs and it is impossible to list them all. Each of them had its own characteristic features. While herbivores walk in groups and herds to protect each other. Predators prefer to be solitary to have more chances to surprise their prey. Read this article to learn more about these prehistoric animals. 


For more informations you can view ths site. We don't need to describe it to you, because when talking about dinosaurs, it's usually the one that comes to your mind and that's normal. It is the one we are used to, but not only. Indeed, this animal was once the most powerful and the absolute predator.

In other words, it was the most powerful predator above the food chain. It had two small legs with sharp claws that allowed it to tear the flesh of its prey. Also it had sharp teeth aligned to cut and chop up the flesh easily. 

A bite from the animal caused its victims quite serious injuries and lesions. And to top it all off, the Tyrannosaur had two huge hind legs that allowed it to run very fast behind its prey. 


The largest of the dinosaurs. Underneath its appearance of a large and terrifying animal lies a large herbivore whose only concern is to eat all day long. Because of its large size, the animal was forced to eat huge amounts of grasses located on tall trees. The animal was not easily reached by predators, again because of its size. 


Very similar to a rhinoceros, this animal was a calm herbivore in temperament, but did not hesitate to charge with its enormous horns when it felt the need. The animal fed on grasses all day and moved in herds. 

The results of the excavations reveal that the animal was as big as the elephants we know today, so much so that they were large specimens. So much to say that you should not find yourself in their path. Their horns are made of a very strong material and they are capable of inflicting enormous damage.